C7 Rumors Debunked!

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c7-2.jpgWhether you’re a casual fan of the Corvette C7 or a dedicated customer who is eagerly awaiting the release of this unique vehicle, you may have heard various C7 rumors. Each new car model release typically prompts some speculation and discussion among the fans of that vehicle, and the C7 is no different; in fact, with the way the internet churns the rumor mill, the C7 may just be the most talked about generation yet.

However, many of the rumors that are being discussed now will no doubt prove to be baseless. Now, according to Motor Trend‘s August 2011 issue, many of these rumors can be chalked up as bogus.

The Engine Will Be Moved

While a “completely different” C7 may include only changes to basic features like the interior design and the powertrain, many fans have speculated that a much more significant change will take place for the C7 models. Corvette vehicles have traditionally had the engine in the front portion of the car, as is common for most sports and muscle cars throughout history. There has been vast speculation that Corvette will be moving the engine to the mid section of the car. This would require an entirely new design for the remainder of the vehicle in order to accommodate a large engine within the central section of the vehicle. Now, according to Motor Trend, this rumor can officially be debunked.

The Engine Power Will Be Changed

While it’s common for new Corvettes and models of most cars to feature new and more powerful engines, the speculation about the potential engines for the C7 nonetheless has reached a fever pitch. Many fans expect the company to include a 5.5 liter, 440 horsepower V8 engine in the new vehicle, which may require some retooling of the cylinder system in order to help accommodate such a large and powerful motor. If this is the case, it is likely that the car will have a few other measures in order to save fuel and to promote a smooth run at all times. Some are even speculating that the V8 will be a 3.0 Liter turbocharged overhead-cam. 

Evern crazier is the rumor that some of the vehicles will have a turbocharged or supercharged GM V6 engine instead of the larger V8! However, thankfully, Motor Trend has set our minds at ease and called this a falsehood as well.

Obviously, until the truth is told, rumors will still exist that the vehicles in the C7 group may be changed
significantly from the previous C6 models. Especially since Mark Reuss of Corvette was quoted as saying that the C7 vehicles will be “completely
different” from those that have come previously. According to Motor Trends, Reuss says the main impetus for creating a new generation is to make the supercar more user-friendly for those who don’t really know how to use it.

And so, until the next generation is released as a 2014 model in the latter half of 2013 (that much we do know), the rumor mill churns on…

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