C7 Scores 95 Percent on Consumer Reports Satisfaction Survey

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CR Vette report text

There’s no doubt about it — owners of the new Corvette Stingray absolutely love their car. And that, my friends, isn’t just something we cooked up here at the office while trading stories about our own personal admiration for the C7 — even though we make no excuses for doing that here at Corvette Forum.

No, those huge accolades can actually be credited to Consumer Reports, which tends to be a lot more objective when it comes to making grandiose statements like this, considering Corvettes aren’t the only thing they cover.

To be more specific, Consumer Reports found that 95 percent of owners of the C7 said they’d buy the new Corvette again, based on annual car owner satisfaction surveys, making the C7 the most loved “sporty car” among all new vehicle owners surveyed.

Personally, I’m even inclined to think that the other five percent probably got stuck with a color or trim package they didn’t want because they waited too long to put in their order.

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via [ConsumerReports.org]

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