Is the C7 Corvette Taking Buyers Away From Bentley and Ferrari?

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I have to admit, the C7 never ceases to amaze me, even as a huge fan of the new model.

Then again, I guess it shouldn’t come as a big surprise to anyone here that people having been trading in Bentleys and cancelling orders on Ferarris to buy the new Corvette. That’s according to Tadge Juechter, chief engineer for the car, as highlighted in Car Buzz report.

Juechter goes on to say that the C7 has also been attracting a younger demographic, with 10 percent of the buyers being new to GM. The chief engineer also talked about some of the challenges in striking a chord with both new buyers and Corvette loyalists, which the C7 certainly seems to have pulled off, given the sales numbers for the car.

Ed Welburn, GM’s vice present of global design, summed up the popularity of the C7 Corvette like this: “It’s a world-class athlete that went back to the gym and got leaner and more fit.”

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Via [Car Buzz]

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