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CF member blackcorvette06 posted a link to Edmunds’ comparo of the 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray to the 2014 Porsche 911 Carrera S. Which do you think won? The truth is that they were remarkably similar. That Chevrolet equaled (if not exceeded, in certain parameters) their target, the Carrera S, says a great deal about Chevy’s dedication to making the next gen Corvette a world-class car. That the Vette accomplishes this while costing less than half as much when both are almost-fully optioned ($69,375 vs. $144,350) is probably the most important metric anyone needs to consider.

In all honesty, it seems as though the comparison test was conducted and reviewed fairly. But their conclusions trouble us, “Making the Corvette as quick and rewarding as a 911 is a big task, and it’s been fully accomplished. The Corvette, when driven hard, is as good as the 911, maybe better. There, we said it… But then there’s the undeniable reality that the 911 is the better car. Whether we’re taking our kids to school or adding subtle countersteer to correct that big slide, we’d rather have the Porsche. It’s the car that wins our hearts so it’s the car that wins this test.”

If the Corvette is “as good, maybe better” then how exactly is the Porsche better? This seems contradictory to us; earlier in the article, Edmunds did list some aspects that are “laser-micrometer precise and right-now responsive” in the Carrera. They also take exception to tire and road noise in the Corvette when compared to the Porsche. Fine, all of this is true and obviously there is more to performance than pure numbers or we’d all be riding around on Ducati 1199 Panigales or better yet, Suzuki Hayabusas (the Corvette to Ducati’s 911?). But road noise? Come on, these are sports cars, perhaps Edmunds would be happier in a Nissan Leaf.

Regardless, I’m a driver and if given a choice when climbing into the driver’s seat I’d prefer the best, most entertaining tool available for driving. And while knobs and switchgear that feel like a Swiss watch (mine tends to run fast for what it’s worth) are wonderful, my main task is driving not adjusting the radio or setting the HVAC. According to Edmunds themselves, “Steering feel and response… are the Stingray’s biggest allies.” What more could you want?

Look, there are always factors that can’t be quantified and we’re not so simple as to think that numbers are the be-all and end-all of car reviews. But if all it came down to was tighter tolerances and road noise in a sports car, we think Edmunds got it wrong.

Shame on you Edmunds, score one for elitism.

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