Corvette Gets Unfortunate New Paint Job

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Beautiful Red C7 is Doused with House Paint in Diabolical Disaster

We don’t know who the owner of this C7 Z06 Corvette irritated, but it seems that they really got under someone’s skin. Whether a jilted ex-lover or a business deal gone wrong, speculating doesn’t really do anyone any good. All we can do is lament the destruction of such a beautiful car, which is, apparently, the pride and joy of a fellow Corvette enthusiast.

In any case, it’s apparent that a lot of misplaced anger has been taken out on this car. The C7 has has had its headlights knocked out, windshield broken and top ripped. And, of course, someone enjoyed dumping at least a couple gallons of white house paint on the poor thing, inside and out. The paint even got down into the intake of this beautiful cherry-red convertible ‘Vette.

Luckily, it is stuff like this that is the reason insurance exists. It’s a shame that the supercharged beast had to suffer such a fate. But at the end of the day, cars are just things, and things can be replaced. This unfortunate Corvette owner may see a rise in his or her insurance premiums, but at least the driver will have the opportunity to replace the Z06 with a brand new one.

Regardless of the reasoning behind this vandalism, certainly we all agree that there is a special place in hell reserved for any fool that would intentionally do this to a cherished Corvette.

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