C7 Z06 Scorches Drag Strip With Ease

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Watch a Corvette Z06 pull off a seemingly effortless 9.63 second quarter-mile!

Modified, stock, black, white, yellow, swapped, original, etc. The details can vary, but the fact that the Chevy Corvette is America’s best performance car remains set in stone.

We know you don’t doubt us, but if you do, there’s no better proof than this awesome video by High Tech CorvetteThe footage shows a stunning Z06 warming up its rear rubber before it lines up to make the blistering quarter-mile run down the track.

While there are videos out there that require a bit of background story, this one doesn’t. It’s raw, it’s simple, and it’s in-your-face performance.

Watch as this mighty-sounding ‘Vette lights up the drag strip! It almost looks like it’s not even trying, right?

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