C7 Z06 Owners File Class-Action Lawsuit Against GM

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The track-oriented C7 Z06 falls on its face, thanks to supercharger heat soak. And owners aren’t happy about it. 

From the moment GM unveiled the C7 Z06, all of its collateral marketing had been focused on race track performance, rather than street or comfort related abilities. They built a car with 650 horsepower, and one of the best-developed chassis to ever come out of a GM factory. So we can hardly find room to blame them. However, once these cars landed in owners hands (and were tested for magazine articles) it became instantly obvious that the car was barely capable of keeping its cool for a handful of laps.

As such, a new collective lawsuit alleges that the 2015-2017 Corvette Z06 models have a deficient cooling system, and, as a result, will resort to “limp mode” after as little as 15 minutes of on-track action. This limp mode can cause a potentially dangerous situation on track, as well, being that it will drastically limit the car’s power and speed without warning, making it a hazard to other cars. Being that most track day sessions are longer than fifteen minutes, there is potential for this to happen in the middle of a crowded straight, catching multiple other cars in the carnage. Not only that, but you aren’t getting your value for money out of a track day if you have to quit halfway through a session.

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The firm bringing the suit, Hagens Berman, made its name by suing automakers. And this just puts another feather in their proverbial cap. They’re alleging that GM is negligent in the “bait and switch” tactics used to market and sell the Z06 as a car built to be track capable. They further state that the car’s underhood temperatures can be detrimental to some components, causing costly repairs. Furthermore, because the car was initially marketed on its track abilities, and because the automotive cognizant now equate the car with its overheating issues, they’re seeking diminished value damages, as well.

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