Corvette C7 Z06 Sets New World Record Pass

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World Record Pass

I just love when we get an opportunity to give all the Corvette naysayers something raw and uncut to chew on.

Take for example, the 30-second clip below of a C7 Z06 pulling off a quarter mile pass of 9.319 at 150.46 mph. The run, shared here by Corvette Forum member jrwood, is believed to be the fastest Z06 quarter mile pass in the world to date. And it’s created quite a buzz among Corvette fans.

Amid all the praise over the amazing run, CF member Sr71bb provides a little more detail on the pass:

“Track was cooler than ideal especially as it got later in the night but first run off the trailer was a 9.319 with a 1.476 60 foot and 150+ MPH trap speed…

… The automatic tranny performed flawlessly. The RPM drop between gear changes was minimal as you can tell from the video. Also this car has absolutely no issues making power early on as the 60 foot times indicates. Car was foot braked to about 2800 RPM and then released to perform it’s gear changes on its own.”

Sr71bb goes on to say that he believes the Z06 might even be capable of pulling off a pass in the low 9s or very high 8s, with 1.25-1.29 60 foot times.

“This car is much more than a DYNO queen as some have very mistakenly claimed,” said Sr71bb. And yup, he’s got the video below to prove it.

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