Corvette C7 Z06 Shares Spotlight in First ‘Top Gear’ Trailer

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Here’s it is, folks – the first official trailer for the all-new team of presenters taking the wheel at Top Gear. And guess who makes a celebrity guest appearance in the clip? Yup, none other than the C7 Z06.

But don’t take your eyes off the screen below, because you might just miss the C7’s closeup.

There are also a couple more notable American cars in the teaser as well, which gives us the impression that the BBC might be vying for a few more viewers in the U.S. That certainly would make sense, following the move to add actor Matt LeBlanc as one of the show’s hosts.

The clip is only about a minute long. But I have to say, despite some very serious reservations about whether the new cast could fill the shoes of the old one, this promo might have just made me a believer. That, of course, is keeping in mind that a one-minute sizzle is hardly enough to tell whether the cast has the legs to keep us interested for an entire season.

But it certainly looks like we’re off to a good start.

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