C7 ZR1 Hits the Drag Strip, What’s the Real World Result?

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How do ZR1’s match up at the strip? Here’s how a C7 ZR1 squares up to a modified C6 ZR1.

For months now, we’ve seen manufacturer claimed numbers and pro-driver sourced times for various aspects of ZR1 performance. However, we’ve yet to see what the ZR1 can do in the real world with a real person. That is, until now. Race Proven Motorsports managed to come across a new C7 ZR1 while at the strip with their C6 ZR1. Ideas were spawned, and now we have the first C7 ZR1 drag race against a C6 ZR1.

Real people, on real tires on a strip, can apparently pull off consistent 11.5’s in the mid 120’s. Although it’s a bit embarrassing to get gapped by the previous generation ZR1, just remember that one’s been modified, and is on spray. And with a newer car we understand not wanting to beat on it too much. This is at least a partial explanation as to why the 60ft looks like it could be massively improved. But hey, no one’s perfect and getting a launch in those conditions takes familiarity with the car and some solid skill.

First C7 ZR1 drag strip

We anticipate it wont take long before this ZR1 has some drag radial┬átires and hits the strip again. But what kind of passes will it be able to make? We bet once some more solid launches are in place that we’ll also see some slips in order to really gauge what the true performance of the C7 ZR1 is as well. Plus, there’s an elephant in the room. GM’s 8-speed automatic has been making some astoundingly quick passes in Z06 models already and will, with no doubt, just be faster in the ZR1 as well. How much faster? Only time will tell.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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