C7’s throaty engine could be barred in South Korea

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It sounds like some of those ears over in South Korea might be a little too gentle for our beloved C7. According to reports, the new Corvette could actually be barred from the country because the car’s 455-horsepower LT1 V8 is just too damn throaty for South Korea’s engine noise regulations.

“The launch of the seventh-generation Corvette is being delayed indefinitely due to Korea’s regulation on automobile noise,” said Chevrolet Korea CEO Sergio Rocha. “Although such regulatory stance may benefit the industry in the short run, I wonder if that’s something that should be in place for a long time.”

I guess those whiny little four-bangers are more their style in South Korea.

Either way, with only 12 Corvettes imported a year to South Korea, it’s hardly an issue worth worrying about. In fact, instead of even trying to fight the legislation, I’d urge Chevy to use those 12 or so C7 orders to fill a few more here in the States instead.

For us, the throatier the better.

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Source [GM Authority]

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