C8 Corvette Driveway ‘Walkaround’ Video Looks Nearly Real

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Why wait another year when you can see a C8 Corvette parked in someone’s driveway (well, kinda) today?

C8 Corvette fever continues to intensify as we await the car’s official introduction, which is merely weeks away. And thankfully, GM finally gave us something to drool over, even if it was covered in heavy camo. But of course, we won’t be truly satisfied until we can actually have the first-ever production mid-engine C8 Corvette in our very own driveway. Except, one guy already has. Well, kind of.

That gentleman is a guy named Charles Cronley, but he also goes by the username Chazcron over at the Mid-Engine Corvette Forum. It’s there that Cronley has posted some pretty impressive renderings of the new Corvette, too. But his work in this video is even more stunning. Cronley went to the trouble of placing his latest rendering square in his own driveway, and it looks pretty darn realistic.

C8 Corvette

Obviously, you can tell that this isn’t actually real. There is, after all, a bit of drizzle on the ground, but not the Corvette. And at around the 18 second mark, there’s a little bit of a jump in the video, which Cronley acknowledges in the description. But we could honestly care less, because this is the closest we’ve seen a C8 Corvette to anyone’s driveway yet, even if it is totally computer generated.

C8 Corvette

It’s enough to whet our appetites for now, at least, while we await the car’s official introduction. And that’s going to take place on July 18, as you likely already know. From there, it’ll be a little bit longer before you’ll actually see them parked in people’s driveways. Dealers are taking deposits on the car now, with production beginning toward the end of the year. Customer deliveries, however, won’t happen until early to mid 2020.

C8 Corvette

So yes, it could easily be another year before Cronley or anyone else actually gets to live out this dream. But we’re guessing the wait will be worth it, at least if early rumors prove to be true. And heck, we’ve already waited decades for a mid-engine Corvette to happen already. But now, we’re on the final countdown before Zora Arkus Duntov‘s ultimate dream finally becomes a reality. So for now, just squint a little bit and pretend this cool video is real.

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