C8 Corvette to Debut at the Detroit Auto Show After All?

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C8 Corvette Render

Corvette Forum member swears that the C8 Corvette will make a surprise debut in days, despite what we’ve heard.

Few cars in history have given us such a roller coaster of information (disinformation?) as the C8 Corvette. Easily one of the most anticipated auto releases of the decade, this newly mid-engine machine is still mostly shrouded in mystery. And while most expected the car to make its official debut at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show, recent reports shot down that notion. But now, Corvette Forum member Zerv02 is going all in by predicting that it’s going to happen, after all.

“C8 will be at NAIAS 2019. Surprise unveil on the 14th, stay tuned.
Coupe and Spider.”

It would certainly be easy to dismiss this as just another made up story. But the OP has already been proven correct at least once in the past in regards to some aspects of the C8 Corvette interior. Still, his fellow CF members have their pitchforks ready.

C8 Corvette Interior

“I’m hoping you’re right,” said Glenn Quagmire . “If not, I suspect the henchmen here will waste no time coming for you.”

“Exactly,” adds WICKEDFRC. “And it may bring more credibility to his other post describing the C8 interior. In before the forum villagers arrive with torches and pitchforks.”

“So you’re going all in, Zerv02?” said GundamX7X. “You do realize that after this post, if what you said is not true, you will lose all credibility forever. You just rolled that dice, and if you’re wrong, all the snake eyes will be on you!”

Obviously, most of us hope the OP is correct. Including 638HP.

“Now would that be cool or what? GM diverts the market with a phantom major electric issue and springs the release at NAIAS. I am still perplexed why an electrical issue would delay the release. You don’t need the car 100% functional for a release. Point and case, the many concept cars over the years. Release the car, take pre-orders, fix the problems and build the car. IMHO, any delays after NAIAS are to absorb the numerous C7s on the ground. A fun teaser thread nonetheless.”

C8 Corvette

But Jeff V. is still skeptical.

“GM has nothing on the Jan 14 schedule. The only GM event for the entire show is the Jan 13 reveal for the Cadillac XT-whatever. So unless they’re going to do it after hours and off site, I’m calling shenanigans. Because when the car is officially announced, it’s a real product. People are allowed to have expectations about it. They’re allowed to ask why isn’t it out, and GM has to have a reply.

When it’s not announced, GM doesn’t have to say anything at all. They can always claim it was planned for 2021 and it’s not late at all.They can’t really do it as a concept car because nobody would believe that it’s just a concept thanks to all the leaks and public sightings.”

The good thing is, we don’t have to wait long to find out if this prediction is true. And you can bet that this thread is going to get even better, whether the C8 Corvette shows up in Detroit or not. So be sure and head over here to check it out in its entirety!

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