C8 Spy Photos Reveal Possible Targa Option

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C8 Zora spy shot testing

Updated camo on upcoming C8 reveals shape of intakes, engine cover, and the distinctive cutlines of a removable roof.

Unlike Google and their upcoming Pixel 3 and 3 XL phones, General Motors has been pretty good about keeping the physical details regarding the 2020 C8 a close secret. Not that spy photographers aren’t doing their best to capture as many of those details as they can. And there’s one detail sun-worshipers will love to hear about.

Car & Driver has the latest spy photos of the C8 undergoing testing at everyone’s favorite “test track,” the Nurburgring. A few of those photos happen to capture a set of tight panel gaps on the roof, hinting at the possibility the C8 will have a targa option.

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As we all know, nearly every Corvette since the C3 era began in 1968 has had a removable roof option for non-convertible models, with only the C5 hardtops and C6 Z06 and ZR1 opting out of such things. A C8 targa would not only be in line with Corvette history, it would also put the mid-engine ‘Vette on the same level as other mid- and rear-engine roadsters with removable tops, like the Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 488, and McLaren 570S.

While the C7 targas have plenty of space in the back to place their roofs, there’s no word on where the C8 targas would store theirs thus far. The front space would be one option, unless there’s hybrid technology already there, as is the case for hybrid supercars like the Acura NSX. In that case, the roof could be stored in the back, as it can for the aforementioned NSX.

Other features captured by the cameras include the design and shape of the front air intakes, and the big side intakes ready to funnel cool air to the engine bay. We can’t wait to see what the C8 looks like without all of the camo for real.

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