California Dealer Only Offers “Apology” After Tech’s C7 Joyride

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You’d expect a lot more than just an apology if a dealership’s technician went for a joyride in your Corvette, wouldn’t you? In a thread on our forums, one owner is dealing with just such a situation. Three-Way Chevrolet in Southern California is in the hot seat after a technician took a customer’s Corvette onto the streets and broke several traffic laws. It was all caught on the Corvette’s data recorder, which activated valet mode, and tracked RPMs, g-forces, and speed.

Debate in the forum thread linked above and below calls for a clarification of why the Corvette was actually in the shop. Regular maintenance would have not warranted such a drive, but a high-speed vibration, or engine balking under acceleration might justify that kind of “test.” Still, it doesn’t lessen the fact that an owner is upset, and a tech has disobeyed laws in someone else’s car. Despite this, the dealership hasn’t reportedly done much beyond apologizing to rectify the situation.

There are two very distinct sides of the debate here, so which one are you on? Personally, I’d be fine with a technician driving my car a bit hard to find and diagnose a problem, but only after I approve it.

Chime in with your thoughts on the forum. >>

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