Cadillac Halo Car to Be Based on Mid-Engine C8 Corvette?

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C8 Corvette

It might seem silly for Cadillac to try an XLR redo. But given the recent revival of the grand tourer, maybe they will!

Few cars in recent history have stoked the fires of the rumor mill like the mid-engine C8 Corvette. We’ve been waiting seemingly forever for this re-imagined version of America’s sports car to appear, after all. And the longer GM withholds specifics, the more out of control those fires become. We have, however, been receiving a little more clarity recently from an unlikely source, Cadillac boss Johan de Nysschen. Though his comments at the New York Auto Show are also effectively fanning those flames even more.

The comments we’re referring to actually surround Caddy’s new, forthcoming halo model. While de Nysschen refused to share specific details about the range-topper, he did say that it would “stun the world,” according to Car Scoops. Now, exactly what that means is very much open to interpretation. But he also noted that “I do not think the world needs yet another large, three box conventional sedan” and called the halo car the “segment we used to own.”

Cadillac Halo Car

Even more interestingly, Cadillac’s presentation of its new modular platform for electric vehicles includes images of the “Lux Low Roof” coupe. All of which might lead you to believe that Cadillac is going to build some sort of sporty, range-topping two-door. Perhaps one, you know, based on the forthcoming mid-engine C8 Corvette?

Cadillac XLR

It would make a lot of sense. Regardless of Cadillac’s previous failed attempt at building its own version of the Corvette (XLR, anyone?). At least this time, Caddy could go with styling wholly unique instead of essentially slapping their grille and crest on Chevy’s sports car. And with Lexus’ LC coupe seemingly reviving the luxury grand touring segment, perhaps they’re getting in at the right time this go round. Stay tuned!

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