Cake Boss Arrested for Driving Drunk in C7

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Amazing baked goods aren’t the only thing reality star Buddy Valastro is good at cooking up. The “Cake Boss” is also apparently good at stirring up a good mix of lame excuses for breaking the law. And breaking the law in a new Corvette, no less.

Valastro was recently pulled over in his Velocity Yellow 2014 Stingray for allegedly driving drunk. According to a GM Authority story, after Valastro failed a breathalyzer, he reportedly told police, “You can’t arrest me. I’m the Cake Boss!”

Uh, really?

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Well, here’s a bit of advice for Mr. Valastro: Being the “Cake Boss,” or owning one of our beloved Corvettes for that matter, doesn’t excuse you for getting behind the wheel drunk. If anything, as a Corvette owner, we expect you to set a better example. Unfortunately, we don’t really expect better from reality TV stars.

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via [GM Authority]

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