California Couple Has Hot Duo of Classic Sting Rays

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c2 sting rays

Here’s how a couple of Sting Ray owners flourished because of some Camaro donuts. 

What do you get with a first date that features donuts, a ’69 Camaro, and breathtaking California views? A longstanding, loving relationship that includes a pair of hot Corvettes, of course.

Oh, and by donuts, we aren’t talking about the Krispy Kreme kind. Nope, these are the smoking-tire kind, which help paint the picture of how a couple and a pair of classic Sting Rays evolved, as detailed in a Super Chevy story.

Sting Ray

Owned by Greg and Jane Thurmond of Simi Valley, California, the C2 Sting Rays grew from the couple’s deep love affair for cars and racing, dating back to their teen years. Their journey into the world of Corvette fandom started some years after the two first met, when Jane decided to sell her own car to help Greg pursue racing. That essentially meant that the Camaro became Jane’s to drive. Although, her dream car had always been a Corvette.

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Greg then began searching for a special car for Jane to call her own, and landed a great deal on a ’68 convertible. He went to work restoring the car. But the couple eventually wound up selling it to put down a down-payment on a house.

It wasn’t until the couple decided to open up their own custom shop that these two hot Sting Rays became a pair. The first was a badly bruised ’64 Corvette coupe that Greg found for Jane in the San Gabriel Mountains and rebuilt from the ground up. Ten years later, he stumbled on a ’65 Sting Ray restoration project, when the daughter of a deceased Corvette collector put his 30 ‘Vettes up for sale.

We won’t dig into all the details of all the work that has gone into the Sting Rays. You can read that in the full Super Chevy story. We just love sharing the story of how a donut-date, a ’69 Camaro, and a love for California grew into a deep passion for Corvettes.

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