Jay Leno Discovers Callaway Aerowagen’s Many Wonders

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Forget the 4-door Corvette. Callaway’s Aerowagen is here, and we’re loving it!

Four doors on a Corvette caused a sensation a few days ago when we published this rendering. Included in that article was a shooting brake style hatch back, which has taken life in the form of the Callaway Aerowagen.

Callaway being Callaway, they didn’t leave things stock under the hood. As Jay Leno finds out in the video above, Callaway installs a 2300cc supercharger, but it’s running a pulley that actually turns slower than the stock one. Essentially, the increase in displacement will bump up manifold pressure enough to make more horsepower. All in, you’re making over 750 hp.

Callaway even works with GM to ensure all of that performance is covered. Not only is it backed by a GM warranty, but further protected by Callaway’s own.

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As for the new hatch, it’s all built in-house and integrates completely into the hatch area. Changes are necessary for the roll hoop, just forward of the hatch. Plus they utilize a different rear spoiler to compliment the roof’s new lines. Cost for converting your C7 comes in at around $15,000, which isn’t all that expensive, really.

Jay goes for quite a lengthy test drive of the Aerowagen, not only to check the upgrades to the motor, but also to get reactions from those on the street. If you have a few minutes to set aside, you’ll also get a neat history lesson on Callaway cars.

Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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