The Callaway SuperNatural Was A Le Mans Racer For The Street

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The car, originally built for BF Goodrich, gives modern aero looks to our favorite C4 chassis.

It’s hard to believe that the car in this video is still a C4, considering that the rounded front end looks more like a mix of C5 and C6 front nose cones than anything you’d find in the early 1990s. In fact, the aerokit employed on this SuperNatural Callaway is similar to the one they used on their GT class Le Mans race cars. That aero reduces drag on the C4’s otherwise-wedgy shape. It may not look like a C4, but the Corvette DNA is present and accounted for.

Callaway Corvette SuperNatural LM

This lightweight bruiser features a 6.2 liter Callaway modified V8 up front with 425 horsepower. MotorWeek calls the car an intercontinental ballistic missile, thanks to its 4.2 second 0-to-60 time and low 12-second quarter mile run.

The suspension includes a set of remote reservoir coilovers at all four corners. Combined with the sticky tires and downforce-generating ing aero, the car stuns at the Roebling Road test circuit in Savannah, GA.

The SuperNatural set the fastest lap that MotorWeek had seen up to this point by three seconds. And it pulled that off from a naturally aspirated engine. The car’s go certainly matches its show.

Obviously, here at Corvette Forum, we adore everything that Callaway does to modify our favorite American sports cars. However, this SuperNatural Corvette LM takes things a step beyond. Outside of the mega Callaway Sledgehammer, this big bruiser SuperNatural might be our favorite ‘tuner’ Corvette in history.

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MotorWeek‘s tested the very first SuperNatural, built as a tire test platform and show car for BF Goodrich. Callaway built better versions of the SuperNatural platform later in the run, but this is the one that kicked it off. For that, we’re quite thankful.

[Source: MotorWeek on YouTube]

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