Callaway to Build C7-Based FIA GT3 Corvettes

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Callaway to Build FIA GT3 Corvettes

Callaway Competition GmbH, the German-based segment of Callaway Cars, has been chosen to develop the new Corvette C7 into a GT3-class race car and submit it for homologation from the FIA.

Original equipment manufacturers like Chevrolet have to authorize specialists like Callaway to submit the homologation forms needed to allow their version of the car to be the one allowed in FIA competition.

Callaway is excited to have just received the letter of authorization from Chevrolet and is looking forward to continuing its relationship with Corvette. Callaway will be looking to continue the immense success it has enjoyed since 2007 as the homologation holder for the C6 Corvette version of the GT3 car with the FIA, racking up several driver and team championships over the past six years.

If you’d like more information about the car, including the purchase of race cars, contact Michael Zoner, managing director of Callaway Cars, at 860-434-9002 or [email protected] or in Europe at [email protected].

According to Wikipedia, the FIA GT3 European Championship is a sports car racing series organized by the Stephane Ratel Organisation (SRO) and regulated by the Federation Internationale de l?Automobile (FIA). It is a championship derived from the international FIA GT1 World Championship, but meant to provide competition for more amateur racers in closer to production cars. The series uses extensive performance balancing and handicap weights to make cars more equal.

Callaway to Build FIA GT3 Corvettes

Callaway Cars Incorporated is an automotive engineering and manufacturing corporation specializing in high performance applications. Founded in 1976, the corporation’s four core business units include Callaway Cars, Callaway Carbon, Callaway Engineering and Callaway Competition with facilities in California, Connecticut and Germany. The organization produces specialty vehicles, engineering services, and performance products that showcase technological sophistication, artistry in design, and beauty in craftsmanship.

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