Callaway’s First B2K 25th Anniversary Corvette for Sale

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A Total of 25 B2K C6 Corvettes Were Made to Celebrate Callaway’s 25th Anniversary, and the Very First One Is for Sale

B2K is an RPO code that carries a lot of weight with Corvette enthusiasts. Originally commissioned for the C4 Corvette, B2K was an option you’d pick if you wanted a Callaway twin-turbo monster. Fast forward 25 years to 2012, and RPO code B2k returned, but this time the boost was applied through a supercharger.

In total, 25 C6 Callaway 25th Anniversary models were made, and you’re looking at the very first one. Painted in Cyber gray — as all 25 were — Callaway’s treatments included custom interior touches, but their showpiece was under the hood.

LS3 motors were the base of all 25th Anniversary models, and nestled between the banks was a TVS2300 Roots-Style Supercharger. Compressed air was cooled through an integrated intercooler, and ignited gases exited via a stainless-steel exhaust system. All this meant you’d have 620 horsepower and over 550 lb/ft of push. Quarter-mile times in the 10-second range were not a stretch of the imagination.

When new, they weren’t cheap. Grand Sport prices were in the $74,000 range, and the Callaway package added another $54,000 on top of that. So if you are ready for it, here’s theĀ asking price for VIN#1 — $110,000.

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