Can You Drift a Corvette C7 Z06?

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As an auto journalist, you know there are a million other auto journalists writing about essentially the same thing. Case in point, how many Corvette C7 Z06 test drive stories have you seen? I rest my case.

But with so much repetition, how do you set yourself off from the crowd? Well, if you’re Sue Callaway, Senior Automotive Editor at Time Inc., you take that Z drifting.

It does seem a bit out of the ordinary, right? I mean, you hear plenty about Mustangs drifting, and Lexi drifting, and Hoonicorns drifting, but you don’t frequently hear a story about a Corvette doing the smoky sideways dance. Apparently, there’s a good reason for that.

“It just wants to go straight,” says Justin Shreeve in the video below. He’s talking about the $101,000 Laguna blue convertible Z06 that he’s using to teach Callaway how to drift. Shreeve is a former Formula Drift driver, current GoPro and Red Bull driver, who looks and sounds like he knows what he’s doing. But still, he just can’t seem to get the Z06 to comply.

According to Callaway’s Fortune story, here’s why: “The car’s electronic systems were quicker than any human, including Justin. So no matter how hard or fast he tried to counter-steer and cause this blue devil to zig in one direction and zag in the other, the electronic differential controlling his inputs consistently forced the car to shoot straight ahead instead.”

So Callaway and Shreeve go back to doing what the Z does best: milky burnouts!

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