Car and Driver Comparo: Stingray Faces Off Against the 911…Again

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© 2013 Hearst Communications, Inc.

© 2013 Hearst Communications, Inc.

In the November issue of Car and Driver, “America’s best” faced off against “Germany’s wurst” and (get ready for this) pummeled the competition.  This is one issue of Car and Driver that is going to stay on my bookshelf for a good long while.

The superbly written article begins by acknowledging the “old masters” as two of the few models which have stood the test of time by reaching and surpassing the 50 year milestone.  Aside from discussing creature comforts and performance, you may experience some pride in knowing the article goes on to describe that the styling of the 911 pales in comparison to the impossible to ignore, all new Stingray.  “At every stop, the Corvette was swamped with people taking pictures, asking questions, and simply standing in awe.”

One of the main reasons the C7 came out on top was its top score of 20 for value, but don’t let this cheapen the victory.  Car and Driver asks us to consider this:

that in the stuff that really matters to sports-car buyers, chassis and powertrain, the Porsche holds a single-point lead.  Is such a minute edge worth $50,000?  $80,000?  The Corvette doesn’t win on dollars.  It wins on sense.

You can celebrate the victory and talk dollars and “sense” on the forum.

I'd rather be driving my Tumbler.

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