Car and Driver Takes the Corvette C7 Z06 for a Lightning Lap

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If you’ve been looking for a little bright news to overshadow some of the negativity swirling around the C7 Z06, then you’ll definitely want to give a read to a story we stumbled on at Car and Driver.

The feature is a pretty crafty piece of work detailing the experience of doing a Lightning Lap in the 650-horespower Corvette. The whole story is worth reading, but here’s five of the most memorable lines:

  1. “Gone are the employment doubts, the mortgage-payment anxieties, and the hair-thinning concerns that clutter up your daily thoughts—domestic worry is not possible at 1.20 g’s.”
  1. “This isn’t a peaceful, monk-on-a-mountain experience, though. It’s like being caught inside your own personal earthquake.”
  1. “There’s simply no understeer anywhere, with grip of 1.20 g’s or more in several corners.”
  1. “In the Z06 you enter at 134.8 mph, average 128.4 mph, and leave going 122.6 mph while cornering at 1.47 g’s. That’s a drop of just 12 mph versus the McLaren’s 34-mph speed loss.”
  1. “The seven-speed gearbox accepts ridiculously quick shifts. On the back straight, from clutch in to clutch out, the shift from third to fourth takes 0.4 second.”

The Car and Driver piece is packed with a few more great one-liners, so head on over there and give it a full read, then let us know what you think on the forum.

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