Car and Driver Q&A Reveals Interesting Tidbits on Corvette Z06

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Whenever someone gets one-on-one time with a key member of the Z06 team, you can bet a few routine questions are bound to come up.

Take, for example, Car and Driver’s recent Q&A with Corvette ride-and-handling engineer, Jim Mero, who’s been working on the Corvette for 11 years and has more than 15,000 track laps under his belt. A few here might recall one of his famous runs on the Nürbugring in a C6 ZR1 (shown below).

We wouldn’t be doing our friends at Car and Driver justice trying to sum up the Q&A here. But it addresses some interesting points and is definitely worth the full read. For example, when asked how ambient conditions affect lap time, power, and tires, Mero had this to say:

“…Charged engines absolutely love colder ambient temps, and the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires have no problem achieving grip at these temperatures…”

The engineer also addresses questions about a potential mid-engine Corvette and getting an official ‘Ring time for the Z06. Well, in a way. You can read it all for yourself here.

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Via [Car and Driver]

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