Installing a Carbon Kevlar Body Kit on a C6 Corvette (Video)

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By the end you’ll wonder if there’s enough Corvette left to consider it a C6.

Matt Field, drift driver and owner of Drift Cave, is stepping up from his Nissan 240 drift car to a C6 Corvette. Talk about an upgrade! We came across this video from the entertaining channel Donut Media on YouTube. They make some fun videos, and Field knows his stuff.

So, the drift narrator got a 2013 C6 and is working with HGK Racing, a drift team you’ve definitely heard of if you’re into drifting. If you’re not a drift fan, all you need to know is they make some amazing carbon/Kevlar body kits with their partner OCT Composites in Latvia. Field has a Japanese drifter, Daigo Saito, to thank for paving the way. He’s one of only a few C6 drift ‘Vette drivers rocking the same carbon/Kevlar kit from HGK and OCT.

コルベット2号機HKS F CON V PROセッティング中!

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“Cut er down, make er fit!” Field yells as they start fitting parts together and trimming the composite panels as needed. The final fit and finish is impeccable. Watch the part where they put the outer rear fenders together again. When you pay for quality, you get a fit worthy of a Corvette. There’s a reason HGK and OCT are known for making some of the best looking drift cars in the industry.

Drift C6 Carbon Kevlar Body kit

“These sheet metal screws are just for mock up. After it’s all put together with a proper nut and bolt. In case anyone wants to talk some sh*t!” There are a TON of parts to put this thing together, all built with an eye towards drifting and the challenges associated with the sport. Things like ducts to extract tire smoke from the rear of the car are pretty standard and made an appearance on HGK’s most recent design.

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