Carjacked C7 Corvette Crashes Three Times Before Breaking Down

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Wrecked C7 Corvette Stingray Front Low

High speed chase covered two Alabama towns, with the Corvette ending up as a pile of rubble.

According to CorvetteBlogger, a bright red Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, shown here, was stolen by an armed carjacker who then led police on a lengthy high speed chase through Alabama. By the time that the Stingray finally stopped rolling, the thief had destroyed the gorgeous C7 as well as three other random vehicles, but the police were able to arrest the 17-year-old criminal.

Stolen Stingray

On the afternoon of Thursday, August 10th, an armed carjacker stole the red Chevrolet Corvette at the corner of Oxmoor Road and St. Charles Street in Edgewood, Alabama around 3pm. Homewood police were notified shortly after and during the search for the Stingray, police spotted the stolen sports car and the chase was on.

Corvette Victim Car

During the chase through Homewood and Birmingham, the carjacker showed that not only is he a crappy human being, but he is also a crappy driver. The young criminal crashed three times, totaling three other vehicles before the Corvette came to rest. The thief then jumped out of the car and ran into dense woods, but he was captured by police a short time later.

Wrecked Corvette Front

Total Destruction

While we are not body shop professionals, this stolen Corvette appears to be a total loss. It is clear that the right front suspension system is destroyed, as the wheel is barely hanging onto the car. The right rear wheel is gone, so there is likely suspension damage in the rear as well.

The front fascia and hood are damaged, as are all of the body panels on the passenger’s side of the Chevy sports car and the entire rear fascia has been ripped away from the car, likely doing all sorts of physical and electrical damage.

Wrecked Corvette Rear

This Corvette is almost certainly totaled, but at least the scumbag who stole and destroyed the car has been arrested.

Image Source: Pat Thomas News Twitter Account

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