Carlisle Blue C6 Corvette Z06 Sells for a Bargain After Track Crash

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2012 Corvette Z06 Carlisle Blue Front

Although the physical damage to this Corvette has been repaired, the wall-strike seemed to hurt the value.

While scrolling through recent listings on Bring-a-Trailer, we came across this 2012 Chevrolet Corvette Z06. The rare Carlisle Blue paint initial caught our attention, followed by the low price and the modification list. The seller added a few performance upgrades and the 1-of-12 car looks to be in good condition, but in the details, we learn that this Corvette was involved in an on-track crash that tore up the driver’s side.

There is no sign of the damage in the included pictures, although the listing does state that there are some fitment issues around the driver’s side headlight. However, with this C6 Z06 selling for $33,500, it is clear that the impact to the wall had an impact on the value.

2012 Corvette Z06 Carlisle Blue Side

Carlisle Blue Z06

Chevrolet sold 11,647 Corvettes during the 2012 model year and of them, 478 were Z06 models. Of those 478 Z06 coupes, just 12 were painted Carlisle Blue, making this the rarest color for the 2012 LS7 cars. Like all of those Z06 coupes sold in 2012, this car has the 505-horsepower LS7 mated to a 6-speed manual transmission along with all of the features that made the model such a track-capable beast.

Evidently, the seller was pretty serious about on-track performance, as he added a 6-piston AP Racing front brake setup, adjustable camber plates and a DeWitts aluminum radiator, along with wrapping the stock wheels in Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires. Those simple upgrades likely went a long way in improving lap times, but as the video below shows, better tires and brakes couldn’t keep the car off of the wall in the event of a driver error.

Hitting the Wall

The BAT listing explains that this 2012 Corvette Z06 got into the tire barrier during a track session, resulting in an array of damage has been repaired.

2012 Corvette Z06 Damaged

“The left front fender and associated mounts were replaced following an impact with a tire barrier at Thunderhill Raceway during the seller’s ownership. The driver door and rear fender were also repainted as part of the repair, and the incident is not reflected on recent Carfax report. Other noted cosmetic issues include a chip in the windshield and some fitment issues where the front bumper cover meets the driver-side headlamp.”

The listing also notes that the front fascia doesn’t quite fit right against the driver’s side headlight, so it seems that there may be some tweaks to be done to the body to get everything all lined up. There is even video of the crash and it in, you can see what led to the damage.

It appears that as the car entered a straightaway and the driver hammered down, the suspension unloaded over a rough spot in the pavement. That pulled weight from the rear tires, which got them spinning and with the Z06 still coming out of a corner, the back end came around in a hurry. The car slid backwards into the inner tire barrier, tearing up the front end and the driver’s side, but as you can see in the pictures, the only sign of the impact is the fitment around the headlights.

Someone Got a Deal

This Bring-A-Trailer listing closed yesterday with a price of $33,500. In looking on, we found that this Corvette in “good” condition would have a private part range of $36,861 to $40,758 in stock form. It is hard to believe that the upgraded brakes and cooling system would diminish the value of this Z06, so all we can figure is that the wall-strike basically knocked a few thousand dollars off of the car.

2012 Corvette Z06 CArlise Blue Rear

Whether the buyer is looking for a road car or a track toy, they got a great deal on a pretty rare Chevrolet Corvette Z06.

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