The Cars of El Chapo, Including a Couple of Choice Corvettes

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El Chapo, the Mexican druglord who escaped a max-security prison recently, apparently had a thing for cars, aside from his dealings with small plastic baggies. El Chapo, whose real name is Joaquin Guzman, made money through cartels, which he then spent on some genuine supercars. Corvettes (a C6 Z06 and a ZR1), a GTR (R34 no less), a brace of AMGs (C63 Black Series and the SLS AMG Black Series), and an obligatory faux cop car were all seized during his arrest last year.

One has to wonder what a drug lord does with those kinds of toys. They are far too flashy to be used to out-run cops, and I can’t see any Fast & Furious tomfoolery going down either. The armored cars he had made quite a bit of sense, considering his line of work, so maybe these were just trophy purchases. Or perhaps El Chapo is really just a car enthusiast who found that being a drug kingpin was a good way to fund the hobby.

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