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Drift Corvette Build: Installing Steering Column & Fire Suppression

Formula Drift Corvette Build

Building a Formula Drift Corvette from the ground up is an adventure in fabrication. Pro drifter Matt Field’s C6 build gets it right.

  Comments | By - December 4, 2017

C6 Corvette Torn Down for Drifting

matt field c6 corvette drift car

The C6 Corvette is a beautiful sports car, but in order to build it into a competitive Formula Drift car, it will get really ugly, very quickly.

  Comments | By - November 28, 2017

Drag-Racing C6 Corvette Z06 Clocks More Than 220 MPH

Carlyle C6 Z06 Runs 220 MPH Drag Racing

Carlyle Corvette takes no prisoners with more than 2,000 horsepower and some big, crooked numbers on its timeslips.

  Comments | By - November 27, 2017

Blithering Idiot Spray-Paints Corvette for Instafame

Spray-Paint Corvette

What’s the most radical (or dumbest thing) you’d ever do to your Corvette to be featured on a popular YouTube channel?

  Comments | By - November 21, 2017

Powershifting a C6 Corvette Z06: Yay or Nay?

C6 Corvette Z06 front

A group of C6 Corvette Z06 owners discuss whether powershifting results in the best quarter mile times.

  Comments | By - November 8, 2017

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