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Is the C7 Corvette Nothing More Than an Old Man’s Car?

C7 Corvette

The Corvette has long carried this overblown stigma, but from the looks of things, it might just be true after all.

  Comments | By - December 6, 2018

Mid-engine C8 Corvette Key Fob Leaked Online!

C8 Corvette Key Fob

This sure looks like the official C8 Corvette key… And Corvette Forum members have a lot to say about it.

  Comments | By - December 5, 2018

Will GM’s Massive Cuts Spell Doom for the Corvette?

C7 Corvette Assembly

GM shocked us by announcing it’s killing off a number of cars and closing plants. So will this affect the Corvette?

  Comments | By - December 4, 2018

What’s the Worst Mod You’ve Ever Done to Your Corvette?

Regrettable Corvette Mods

We’ve all got regrets, but we want to know: What mods have you done to your Corvette that you wish you’d never done?

  Comments | By - December 3, 2018

Late Model Racecraft C7 Corvette First to Break 7-Second 1/4-Mile

Late Model Racecraft C7

Loaded up on nitrous and tons of force-fed air, C7 also scores a record as the fastest Gen 5 LT-powered vehicle around.

  Comments | By - November 19, 2018

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