Man Caught on Camera Vandalizing Boss’s Corvette Z06

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There’s nothing more frustrating than being let go from a job. Whether it’s fair reason or not, it’s a pretty sucky situation overall. But for Nicolus Thomas Western of Arizona, losing his job was only the beginning of his troubles.

According to ABC15 News, Western’s supervisor Michael Duda, had to terminate Western’s employment at the Midas auto repair shop (oh the irony) in Tempe, Arizona. But it was shortly thereafter when Western came back to pick up his tools, that Duda, the owner of a 2008 Corvette Z06, felt like something was up.

“I even said something as he was standing behind me, ‘You’re not going to do anything to my car are you?’” said Duda.

It turns out Duda was right, because Western was caught by a witness as he used a sharp object to scratch the entirety of the car in a matter of minutes. And as if that wasn’t enough, Western must’ve forgotten about the presence of security cameras, because he performed his act of vandalism right under the surveillance of one, giving Duda enough evidence to have him arrested by police.

Western was booked not too long after the incident, and now faces criminal damage charges for vandalizing private property. And Duda vows to get the $3,830 in damages “come rain or shine.”

Be careful who you hire, and who you fire!

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