Corvette Forum Member Calculates Z06 Nürburgring Time

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2015 Corvette Z06 with Z07 Package at the Nürburgring (1)

There’s probably nothing that has generated more questions when it comes to the true performance capabilities of the new Corvette Z06 than the idea that we never did get an official Z06 Nürburgring time.

Oh, and that Viper T/A video that I think more than a few are still questioning the validity of on the forum.

Who knows if we’ll ever get down to the bottom of that street race, but it seems like we might have a little more clarity on that ‘Ring time now after a recent post here by Corvette Forum member, Dio55.

Posting a portion of that Q&A with Tadge Juechter published by Jalopnik, Dio55 zeroes in on some numbers shared by the Z06’s chief engineer that notes that the best proxy for the car’s Nürburgring time was 2:41.3 on the VIR Grand Course, which is 4.3 seconds faster than the ZR1.

From that, the Corvette Forum member comes up with a calculation that puts the Z06’s time right around 7:06.43.  I’m not sure his calculation would hold up with true track experts, but it looks like a pretty fair assessment to me.

Check the Z06 Nürburgring time math on the forum. >>

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