Corvette Forum Member Shares Excellent Insight on Z06 Willow Springs Run

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You just gotta love all this great owner feedback we’re getting on the new Z06, especially when it’s packed with the kind of details shared by Corvette Forum Senior Member, Sushisean.

In a thread here, the proud owner of a Z06 with the Z07 Performance Package talks about his recent experience taking the car out for a track day at Willow Springs. Sushisean provides one hell of a review on the car, much of which would be super helpful for other Z06 owners looking to hit up the track.


For example, Sushisean even points out details like how much fuel he used on the track. “This car is thirsty!!! I went through more [than] nearly 1/2 a tank in each 30 min session,” he says. “Some sessions I’d use 10 gallons of fuel. 2 sessions got cut short because I ran fuel critical. I will have to bring a lot of fuel containers in the future if I don’t want to spend $7/gallon on 91 at the track.”

Sushisean also noted that contrary to what’s been said, you don’t have to set your finish line on every session for the PDR. “It saves the mark forever,” he said.

A lot of Sushisean’s review of the Z06 is centered on how impressive the car handles on the track, with a definite focus on the control options.

Sushisean also mentions the fact that at 6’ 5,” he had to drive hunched over a bit. But don’t worry, that didn’t impact how much he enjoyed the car, which is pretty clear in the videos shared below capturing his day at Willow Springs.

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