2015 Corvette Z06 and Viper TA go Head-to-Head in Dyno Test

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Talk to any good business person and they’ll tell you, “The numbers don’t lie.” Oh sure, you can finagle things to get ‘em to say what you need, but when you look at the bare-bones data, it usually is what it is.

That’s why we should take special note of Corvette Forum Senior Member Nine Ball’s dyno test, which pits his 2015 Corvette Z06 against a 2014 Viper TA at KP Racing in Houston, TX, as posted in this lively forum thread.


Nine Ball was urged to take the two cars to the dyno after posting a now-infamous video of the Viper walking the ‘Vette in seven straight races. For what it’s worth, the dyno testing paints the Z06 in a much brighter light this time around.

Accounting for a number of conditions in the dyno pull, the Corvette scored higher in both horsepower and torque in four of four runs with its highest output being 563 horsepower and 563 lb-ft of torque in its third run. The best output numbers for the Viper came in the fourth run with 540 hp and 517 lb-ft.

For more detailed results, check out Nine Ball’s personal blog here, which provides a much better breakdown of the process used for the dyno testing.

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