CF Member’s Video Stirs Debate on Teaching Kids to Drive

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Kid too young to drive

Seems like Corvette forum member John A. Marker has stirred up an interesting debate on the forum in a thread here about how old should a kid be before you give them a shot behind the wheel?

As someone who grew up in the city, most of my pre-legal driving was limited to a local K-mart parking lot when I was around 14. But it seems that the fact that Mr. Marker’s son let his 13-year-old grandson drive on an actual road (and then posted it on YouTube) has sparked some mixed opinions on the idea.

To Marker’s defense, he does clarify that the roads were in a new housing development and not city streets. Still, it seems that some CF members are questioning Marker’s son’s own maturity level as a driver. For example, CF member N42375 posted, “…Just gives me such a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that I’ll get to share the road with one more person who makes another bad decision!”

But there are others who think some might be overreacting. “LOL come on guys, i was driving at 11 years old. At 14 I was driving around town. Don’t be so hard on the guy,” posted [email protected]

Personally, while I don’t think Maker’s son’s decision to let his son drive in the new housing development is all that bad, the thought of being anywhere near a 13-year-old kid driving around town freaks me out.

Then again, I know a few adults that I don’t think should be permitted to drive on public roads.

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