Corvette Forum Members Weigh in on What’s the Best Wax for Black

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Talk to anyone who owns a black car, and they’ll tell you that behind every good shine is the pain you go through to keep that thing pristine.

Corvettes are certainly no different other than the fact that most who own one typically have a reason to go to greater lengths to keep that baby polished because true stars like the ‘Vette deserve more attention.

However, there seems to be a looming question on a Corvette Forum thread of exactly what’s the best wax for the job when it comes to shining her up and protecting that black paint.

One of the names that keeps popping up at the top of the list is Zaino, while some others argue that the actual wax has very little to do with it.

“The truth of the matter is 90 percent or more of your finished result has very little to do with your choice of wax,” posted Surf City Garage, a supporting vendor. “It’s the prep work that actually dictates how your paint will look, as well as the last coating of wax, sealant, or whatever you prefer is only going to enhance what’s already there.”

My take is regardless of what kind of wax you use, keeping a black ‘Vette as good looking as CF member Golden Flame’s C5 (pictured) isn’t easy, but it’s definitely worth the extra work.

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