Change the Headlight on your C1 Corvette

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The Corvette C1 is one of the more
popular versions of the Corvette on the market. As the first vehicle in
the C line, it helped to revolutionize sports cars and muscle cars and
is an iconic figure in the Chevrolet Corvette line. As with all other
vehicles, however, the C1 requires general maintenance periodically. One
of the most important things that you’ll need to work on in order to
keep your Corvette C1 functioning properly is the headlight system.
Headlights in your car are crucial in order to help you to see the road.
Working headlight bulb setups are also required by law in most areas.
Read on for a step-by-step guide on how to change the headlight in your
C1 Corvette.

Step 1 — Gather the Materials

You’ll need the following materials in order to properly change the
headlight bulbs and plug set up in your C1 Chevrolet Corvette:

-Phillips head screwdrivers of various sizes
-Replacement low beam bulbs
-Replacement high beam bulbs

Step 2 — Prepare the Car

In order to get your C1 ready to have the headlights changed, you’ll
first have to get the headlight doors open. These doors can be opened in
one of two ways. You can either quickly toggle them open and shut to
get them to remain in the open state while they aren’t activated, or you
can manually unscrew the headlight doors with the screwdriver by
finding the appropriate mechanism at the doors themselves. More
information about how to do this is available in your owner’s manual.
Also, plan to put the car in emergency brake setting and park it on a
level surface.

Step 3 — Remove the Screws

Look on the sides of the headlight bezel. The bezel is the apparatus
that contains the bulb itself. You should see sets of screws on either
side. These are the screws that hold the headlight itself in place. Use
the Phillips head screwdriver to carefully remove the screws. Next, keep
them separate in an area where you will not lose or misplace them.

Step 4 — Remove the Bezel

Open up the hood on the C1 and locate where the base of the bezel
is. You’ll now have to carefully remove that. Work gently as you do so
to ensure that you don’t cause any damage to the paint around the bezel
or to the other parts of the car that are under the hood. Pull the bezel
out from the front with both hands and remove it entirely from the base
of the headlight dock.

Step 5 — Remove the Bulbs

There are two bulbs inside of the headlight assembly, which should
now be accessible behind the headlight bezel. The smaller of these bulbs
is the high beam bulb, while the larger one is the low beam bulb. If
you need to replace both, remove them both. Otherwise, simply remove the
bulb that corresponds to the light you wish to replace. It’s generally a
good idea to remove both and replace them at the same time, so as to
save yourself the time and trouble of executing this procedure twice.

Step 6 — Replace the Bulbs and Bezel

Screw in the new bulbs in place of the old ones. These bulbs should
fit perfectly, provided that you’ve purchased the proper bulbs for your
C1. Replace the bezel and screw it back into place. Before you drive,
check the lights of your Corvette C1 to make sure that they’ll work
properly. If they don’t, check the electrical connections once again.

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