Change the Headlight on your C4 Corvette

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The Corvette C4 is one of Chevrolet’s top selling muscle car models. The C4 is stylish, sleek and attractive in appearance, and it also boasts a powerful engine and excellent handling. However, like all other cars, it too requires some routine maintenance in order to keep it working as it should. For this reason, it’s a good idea to consider changing the headlights on your Corvette C4 regularly. A standard headlight bulb and plug replacement is inexpensive and can be done quickly at home, thereby saving you the time and money of taking the car in to a shop. Read on for a brief guide on how to change the headlights on your C4 Corvette at home.

Step 1 — Gather Your Materials

Before you begin, gather up the following materials in order to properly change the headlight bulbs on your C4:

  • Philips head screwdrivers of different sizes
  • Low beam bulb replacement, appropriate size for the C4
  • High beam bulb replacement, appropriate size for the C4

Step 2 — Prepare the Car

Next, you should prepare the car so that it will be better able to be modified. Open up the vehicle headlight doors so that you’ll have access to the bulbs. This can be done automatically or manually. To do it automatically, open and shut the headlight doors on your car until you have done it quickly enough to keep the headlight doors open but the lights themselves off. This can take some practice and a few tries in order to accomplish. To do it manually, simply unscrew the closing mechanism on the side of the headlight doors. The vehicle owner’s manual can be helpful in demonstrating how to do this properly.

Step 3 — Remove the Bezel

Next, remove the bezel on the car headlight door. The bezel is what holds the headlight bulbs themselves in place. If it’s still in place, you won’t be able to access the doors. Locate the screws on either side of the headlight door which hold the bezel in place. Remove these screws with the screwdriver and place them aside in a secure location. You’ll need them later on in order to reattach the bezel in place over the new headlight bulbs.

In order to properly remove the bezel without causing any damage, you should then open up the hood of the C4. Locate the rear portion of the bezel and push it out gently with both hands. When you can pull the front of the bezel out from the door, do so instead. Be careful not to scrape the paint around the headlight doors.

Step 4 — Remove the Bulbs

You’ll now have unobstructed access to the bulbs themselves. You can unscrew these by hand and remove them that way. In order to do this, simply decide which bulb to replace; the larger one corresponds with the low beam, the smaller one with the high beam. It’s advisable to change out both sets of bulbs at the same time, so that you won’t have to repeat this process unnecessarily. Pull the bulbs directly out of the door.

Step 5 — Replace the Bu
lbs and Check

Screw the new bulbs in to where the old ones were. Be sure to do this securely so that you’ll be best able to ensure that there’s a solid electrical connection. Before you drive your vehicle, check on the lights. If the new bulbs don’t work right, go back in and check the connection again to make sure that they are properly set up.

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