Charleston Event Draws More Than 130 Corvettes

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Corvette Carolina Event

It looks like Charleston, North Carolina was the place to be last week if you were a Corvette fan.

More than 130 Corvettes showed up for the annual “Vettes Doin’ Charleston” show at the city’s Citadel Mall. In addition to Corvettes from N.C., the event also included cars from other states, as well as 40 iconic ‘Vettes from the Coastal Carolina Corvette Club, which sponsored the show.

From classics to C7s, the show featured a wide array of Corvettes, as reported by the Post and Courier.

“We had (show cars) from 1961 to 2015,” said Marty Ott, president of the Coastal Carolina Corvette Club. “The new cars are the biggest class we had.”

Not even a cloudy forecast could deter the run out. “Even without good weather, we had a good turnout,” said Bob Driscoll, who brought his black 2015 Corvette to the event. As the gallery below surely shows, it was a pretty impressive turnout indeed.

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via [Post and Courier]

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