Cheap Blower and Turbo Silicon Hoses and Elbows

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For all you guys out there with blowers and turbos, listen
You\’re getting ripped-off when you buy the silicon hoses
from the blower manufacturers. Go to an 18-wheeler supply place, like
Stewart & Stevenson, and they sell all the freaking silicon elbows you can
imagine. Every angle, every size (up to 6\” diameter!), every length.
Their prices are about 1/3 of Vortech, ATI, etc. They even have this
ultra-trick tubing that\’s made just for use under boost. It comes in
various diameters, made of thin walled silicon with steel wire
reinforcement, and its bendable! Sells by the foot. I used this in a
mustang installation where I needed a custom angle, and it worked great
under 14lbs of boost. Check \’em out.

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