Cheap C4 Corvette Looks like the Perfect Budget Track Car

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C4 Corvette

Four grand is all it takes to get behind the wheel of this mildly modified yet super fun Corvette track toy.

These days, the C4 Corvette doesn’t get a ton of love. Despite its groundbreaking design, low power and cheapish interiors have relegated these ‘Vettes to the bargain basement. But at the same time, this market suppression also creates a fantastic opportunity. That is, if you’re looking for a cheap autocross/track car to go have some fun in, the C4 Corvette makes an excellent base. Just take a look at this half-built example currently up for grabs on Craigslist.

On the outside, there’s little to suggest that this Corvette is anything but a nicely kept original car. But the previous owner has done a bit of work to make it suitable for the track. That includes stripping out the interior and installing a 5-link mirror, short-hub adapter, and NRG steering wheel. To help it hold speed in corners, the ‘Vette was also treated to Mid America Motorworks lowering wedges/bolts to complement the factory Z51 suspension.

C4 Corvette

Performance-wise, this Corvette still packs the old Crossfire 5.7-liter V8. The smog stuff has since been deleted, however, and there’s a full exhaust to free up some ponies. A good bit of maintenance was performed to get it running smoothly as well. Shifts are handled by a Doug-Nash 4+3 transmission. Which the seller admits is a little “quirky.” But hey, it keeps the revs down!

C4 Corvette

Throw on a fresh coat of Electric Blue paint and a solid looking body, and this C4 Corvette is ready to rock. It’s a good looking ride that offers up plenty of fun for a cool four grand. And that, friends, is what we like to call value!

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