Cheap One-Man Brake Bleeder

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so how many of you have wives (or husbands) that are tired
of getting called out to the garage to pump the brake pedal while you
bleed the calipers? don\’t do enough brake work to warrant buying a
vacuum or pressure brake bleeder? here\’s a super easy and cheap way to
do it all by your lonesome. go to your local hardware store and get
yourself a piece of 3/4\” PVC piping. cut it to 54\”-56\” long. the
PVC acts like a spring or bow. pump your brakes 4 or 5 times then take
the PVC and put one end on the brake pedal holding the other end, push
until it bows and you can slid the end your holding over the door striker
bolt. this puts a surprising amount of pressure on your pedal and as you
crack the line, the PVC pushes the pedal to the floor. just make sure
that there is still some bow left in the PVC when the pedal is all the way
on the floor so there is still pressure and the PVC doesn\’t fall off.
bleed the brake system as you normally would making sure not to run out of
fluid. i have used this trick on my \’81 every year for the last three
years when i drain my fluid (don\’t you?) and on a friend\’s \’91 so
i know it works and my wife is much happier now too!

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