Corvette Transaxle Could Be Used for C5 or Wall Hanging

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There aren’t many times in a car’s life that you get to see the parts that make it move. Most people have never seen a transmission up close and personal, and without that, you tend to lack appreciation for just how complex these cars are. Even older cars, which you wouldn’t think are that complex, take on a new life after you see just what goes into them.

Take for instance this C5 transaxle that one of our Corvette Forum members, Maybl8r, is attempting to sell. The complexity that is a transaxle is one thing, but to make it work within the confines of a suspension system and chassis is something else entirely. Most people don’t think of Corvettes, especially older ones, as particularly complex machines. But then you see things like this transaxle, and the car becomes just that much more interesting.

This particular transaxle is a Tick lvl 3 extreme t56 trans with an external trans fluid pump, and it’s absolutely gorgeous to stare at. He wants $3,200, so if you want one, hit him up. I’d buy it, but I’d probably just mount it in my garage and stare at it for days on end.

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