Cheetah Themed-Corvette Is a Wild Take on a C3

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Now, before everyone starts unleashing a flurry of comments here about this one, just remember: one of the things that really makes Corvettes so appealing is the idea of being able to add your own personal touch to the car. Sure, I imagine most folks who have bought into that concept never envisioned somebody covering a ’71 Corvette in wild animal print. But unfortunately, if we’re going to buy into the whole Corvette customization idea, I’m not so sure we get to pick and choose which ones have gone too far.

Besides, clearly someone thought there was a market for a ‘71 Cheetah-themed C3 with a ’75 front end, which is how this one made its way on to eBay. Heck, it even garnered a high bid of $6,600, though it didn’t meet the reserve and the auction has since ended.

Even the seller seemed to think this wasn’t going to be an easy buy-in, based on their own notes about the Corvette, which has 100,000 plus-miles on the odometer.

“First off, the car drives fine. I have taken care of the parts of the car that needed repairs at the times needed, including any body work underneath,” the seller wrote in the eBay listing. “The door panels and seats have a couple of cracks, though not bad. The battery and odometer gauge don’t work. The pop out rear window needs a new latch. If interested, I can provide a list of 40 years of repairs and improvements.”

So, what do you think? Any takers?

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