Chevrolet Corvette Exhaust Cutout Guide

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An exhaust cutout for your Chevrolet Corvette gives the exhaust a throatier sound. It can also provide extra power when you need it.

How does it work? It’s like this: a “Y”-shaped section of pipe is
installed along the exhaust pipe of your Corvette. With the cutout
installed, you flip a switch or operate a lever to either allow the
exhaust to bypass the muffler, or not. The switch or lever opens,
closes, or feathers the opening. In the open or partially open
position, the exhaust gases escape before going through the muffler and
the entire length of the exhaust pipe. This reduces pressure in the
pipe, providing more torque and horse power. It also gives you more and
better sound from your Corvette engine.

Usually a cutout is installed immediately before the driver’s side
section of the exhaust pipe where it meets up with the passenger side
of the pipe. The cutout, with a straight section and a “slanted”
section, is positioned so that straight section is in line with the
exhaust pipe and the slanted section faces down toward the ground and
the back end of the car.  Another place to install it is near the rear
of your Corvette right before the muffler. A muffler shop can perform
the installation as well as the shop from which you purchased your
cutout. The installer simply removes a section of the exhaust pipe and
installs your cutout in place.

Cutouts can be operated manually with a lever, or electronically via a
toggle switch from inside the passenger compartment. You can also
operate a cutout with a wireless remote, some of which have an optional
RPM control.

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