Chevrolet Corvette Tire Review: Kumho Ecsta SPT (KU31)

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The Kumho Ecsta SPT is Kumho’s latest entry into the Ultra High Performance Summer tire class, and there are variants of the Ecsta SPT available for most sports cars – be it a sedan or coupe -, such as the Chevrolet Corvette. The Kumho Ecsta SPT stresses ride quality, durability, and performance handling in a low price package.

The Kumho Ecsta SPT’s feature Kumho’s High Dispersion Silica tread
compound. This gives the tire a broader ideal operating temperature
range, allowing for better traction in more conditions. The tread is
laid in a directional pattern with large circumferential grooves
running along three solid center ribs to help give the best traction
possible while still offering safety in wet conditions. The inner
structure of the tire is comprised of twin steel belts reinforced with
a braided nylon cap ply, helping to improve durability and ride
quality. The Kumho Ecsta SPT features Rotation Wear Indicators (R.W.I.)
built into the tread to alert the driver when it is time to rotate the
tires and when it’s time to replace the tires.

These tires range in price from $140-$200, depending on the size of the
tire, and while they offer great wet and dry traction, they aren’t
intended to be used in very cold or snowy conditions.

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