Chevrolet to Start Testing the 2014 Corvette Stingray in Europe

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Chevrolet to Start Testing the 2014 Corvette Stingray in Europe

We’ve been a follower of ChevroletEurope on Twitter for some time now but really started paying attention earlier this year when the Corvette Stingray made its European debut at the Geneva Motor Show. CorvetteEurope recently tweeted that the C7 Corvette was getting ready to start testing in Europe and the good news is that you can go along for the ride.

GM says that European testing of the 2014 Corvette Stingray will be led by Patrick Hermann, the technical manager at Chevrolet Europe. The tests will be conducted with two pilot C7 Corvettes and will occur in Germany, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands over the next few months.

Fans of the Chevrolet Corvette will be able to follow along with the testing as Hermann will be sharing his observations, as well as images and videos, on FacebookTwitterYoutube and Instagram using the hashtag #C7Experience.

GM claims that the procedure is part of the standard quality control program which is conducted for each new Chevrolet model before it goes on sale in Europe.

?Corvette is a one of the famed names in automotive history and the new Stingray is the most advanced and capable standard model yet. Driving and testing this car is definitely one of the most interesting aspects of my job,? said Patrick Herrmann, technical manager at Chevrolet Europe.

We are assuming that many of these tests will be for the purposes of establishing a base line for all kinds of data including suspension tuning and high altitude testing and then comparing that data with the pilot cars running all over the United States. Corvette’s engineers will then be able to review and tweak any of the settings and calibrations for Corvettes destined to be sold in Europe.

But we really know what’s on most Corvette enthusiasts minds. We see the headline touting ?European Testing? of the Chevrolet Corvette and to us that translates into ?Nurburgring times?.

With the Corvettes testing in Germany, let’s hope a trip to the 12.9 mile ?Green Hell? is also on the itinerary.

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