Chevy C7 Track Preparation Guide Takes Heat on Corvette Forum

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GM says some extra tweaks are recommended to enjoy the C7 out on the track, and I can’t say that I blame some of the folks here at Corvette Forum for being a little upset about it.

One of the last things you wan’t to think about when buying a highly capable car is that it’s going to cost you $700 or more every time you take it to the track.

Corvette Forum member baron95 talks in-depth about the issue in the thread called “The Absurdity of the C7 Track Preparation Guide,” which includes recommended fluids and lubricants.

C7 fluids chart

Baron95 says after buying a new Corvette a few days ago, he was “shocked” to learn what GM is expecting Stingray Z51 owners to do before driving on a track. The “NASA HPDE Instructor and occasional racer” also notes that he’s never been required to perform such tweaks on any other car he’s taken to the track, from a Mustang GT to a Porsche GT3.

According to the thread, the list of requirements includes those listed below:

• Remove front wheels to install cooling rings with safety wire.
• Flush the brake fluid and replace with hi-temp DOT4 fluid.
• Flush the oil system and replace the oil with 15W50, and overfill it.
• Set alignment to track settings.

Then, after the track:

• Pull the front wheels to remove the cooling rings, or it will cause corrosion.
• Flush the brake system and put DOT3 fluid back!!! Why?! Why can’t this car run all the time with DOT 4?
• Flush the oil system and replace the oil with 5W30 Dexos spec which is “the only approved oil” or risk voiding warranty.
• Set alignment back to standard settings

If you ask me, that’s a whole lot of extra expenses for a Corvette model that’s already equipped with a so-called “track package.” What do you guys think?

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